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new brands

If you’re here, that must mean one thing… you’ve got a new business idea tickling you, and you want to create a visual brand identity that will hopefully connect with your audience, attract the right clients or customers, and share what makes you magic. That’s a little bit exciting! 

‘Good’ branding design is about more than just what looks good, it’s about what feels good too. Using my insight into brand personalities, together we can discover the characteristics and qualities that make your brand special; and create a visual brand identity that aligns with your values, message, hopes, and aspirations. Giving you the quiet confidence to do what brings you joy and grow a business you love. 

There are two different branding design services I offer for New Brands… 

“Thank you so much for my logo and brand colours. I love them and they are so me! They really speak to my ideal client… and my brand personality… I couldn’t have asked for a better logo thank you!”

Cathryn – Cathryn Emma Weddings & Events

Branding Elements

Brands and businesses evolve over time, and so they should, else they would eventually stop connecting with their audience. This is especially true of new brands. 

Whether you’ve got decades of entrepreneurial experience or you’re just starting out, there’s a high chance your new business is going to change over the next couple of years. That’s why I don’t advise new brands invest in a Complete Branding Design. Yes, I did just say that. 

Instead, my Branding Elements design service gives small businesses the flexibility to grow their visual brand identity over time. Giving your new brand the professional and inspiring impression you deserve, but only with the Branding Elements you actually need right now. 

You can pick and mix from the different elements, starting with just one and adding more if and when you need them, or you can jump in and choose them all from the off.

  • Main Logo: £240
  • 2-3 Sub-marks: £180
  • Colour Palette: £180
  • Font Collection: £120 *font licences not included

Get in touch if you would like to chat about your new business idea and the Branding Elements you need to get started.

Complete Branding Design

If you’re really confident your new business idea isn’t going to evolve over the next one to three years, your ideal client isn’t going to change, your message isn’t going to get tweaked, and your brand personality is going to stay exactly the same… you’re ready to invest in a Complete Branding Design. 

With my insight into brand personalities, and your vision for your business, we’ll work together to discover the characteristics and qualities that make you and your brand magic. Ensuring your branding will align with your message, values, and aspirations. Creating a brand that looks good AND feels good. 

Specialising in clean and creative designs with a thoughtful and classic touch, I’ll create a complete visual brand identity you can feel comfortable and confident to share. Quality and stylish, in a simple and non-pretentious way. Forward-thinking but also timeless. 


By the end of our project together, you’ll receive: 

  • A colour palette that sets the right tone for your brand, reflecting your brand personality, message, and values.
  • A clean and creative main logo with a thoughtful and classic touch, creating a professional and inspiring first impression of your brand.
  • 2-3 sub-marks so your main logo doesn’t lose impact and you can have the flexibility to add a touch of your brand identity to anything, from packaging to promotional materials.
  • A font collection for headings, body copy, and accent text (font licences not included), bringing even more of your brand personality through to your visual style.

But that’s not all…

My Complete Branding Design service uplifts your branding experience to the next level. It also includes a little welcome gift to start our project in the way we want to continue – feeling good; a moodboard concept to make sure we’re heading down the right path; and a bespoke Brand Guide PDF at the end to help you make the most of your visual brand identity going forward. 

Complete Branding Design: £995

Add-on artwork or pattern elements from: £45

“Kerri took my very random sketch and long ramblings about my new direction and ideal client and translated the whole mess in to something beautiful, cohesive and totally unique to perfectly represent my brand.”

Julie – The Repairatorium