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A brand that looks good AND feels good is about so much more than just a visual branding identity. Everything needs to align, from your PDFs and social media posts to your packaging and thank you notes. That’s why it’s important to ensure all your brand materials and brand art for your small business, look and feel ‘on-brand’. 

Your brand is not a tangible thing… it’s the connections, impressions, thoughts, and feelings, that surround your business. Through thoughtful design and artwork, you can guide those connections, create first and lasting impressions you feel proud of, and inspire the kinds of thoughts and feelings that get your clients or customers excitedly recommending you to everyone they know. 

Brand Materials

When you think of brand or business materials, you may well picture business cards and stationery, and perhaps even a brochure or flyer… but together we can create all kinds of brand materials, from the more practical to the inspiring. 

Whatever your small business graphic design needs; whether you’re looking to create some recurring revenue from PDF guides or workbooks, want some bespoke gift cards or event invitations designed, or need client proposal or social media post templates you can edit yourself; I’d love to help. 

I specialise in clean and creative designs with a thoughtful and classic touch. Creating materials that are quality and stylish, in a simple and non-pretentious kind of way. Forward-thinking yet timeless. 

So, if you need a graphic designer to uplift your brand materials and design digital or tangible pieces you can confidently share with your clients or customers, please do get in touch.  I’ll be happy to give you a bespoke quote based on your project. 

Graphic Designer, Kerri Awosile's desk with lamp, pencils, notebooks, and Macbook

brand art

How inspiring would it be to have your very own on-brand artwork you can use within your business? From bespoke wall art to product and packing artwork; and from shop, café, or venue illustrations to on-brand Christmas or thank you card designs. 

Brand art can be an amazing asset within your business. You can use it to show even more of your brand personality to your audience, and it can really uplift your website, social media, and materials to the next level. 

With a love of both watercolour paintings and line-art illustrations, I can help you create either a one-off piece of brand art for something special, or a collection of artwork elements you can use across your business for many years to come. 

If you’d like to have a chat about your brand art ideas, I’d love to hear from you.  I can also give you a bespoke quote once we’ve talked through what you need.

“Kerri redesigned my client proposals and created some bespoke flower illustrations for me to use in my branding and my website – I absolutely adore them! She took the time to really understand my brand and create deigns to fit it. My proposals are now so much more professional and also quicker to put together, my clients always comment they look amazing!”

Gemma – Iris & Co

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