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Trying to think clearly and have an objective view in your business can be really hard when you’re so close to it. I’ve been there! You know the sort of feeling you want for your brand overall, but trying to create materials in-house, identify your own brand personality, or refine your branding yourself, makes you want to pull your hair out, cry, or just give up altogether. That’s where my Brand Guidance sessions come in. 

With my love of art and design, and insight into brand personalities, I can help you find that much needed clarity you’re dreaming of. 

I offer three different types of Brand Guidance sessions for small businesses in the UK… 

Creative Guidance

We all need a second opinion now and then, whether we want reassurance we’ve created something ‘good’ or a professional but friendly sounding board to bounce ideas off. 

My Creative Guidance sessions for small businesses offer you the creative support you need, when you need it most. Giving you the quiet confidence to design your own brand materials in-house. 

Specialising in clean and creative designs with a thoughtful and classic touch, I can help guide you towards the right creative decisions for you and your brand. From brand materials you’ve already created yourself that don’t quite look or feel right, to ideas you’ve got in mind but don’t know how to make a reality, you don’t need to waste time overthinking things and going round in circles anymore.

Creative Guidance session (up to 1 hour): £60

Follow-up Creative Guidance session (up to 1 hour): £30

If Creative Guidance is sounding good, get in touch. Not quite what you’re looking for? Take a look at my Brand Review service below.

Brand Review

Want to check your visual branding identity and brand materials align with your brand personality, message, and values? 

You might feel like something isn’t quite right, but can’t put your finger on what, and need a professional designer to look a little deeper. Perhaps you’ve created your own brand identity and designs yourself, and you want to make sure they’re giving your clients or customers the right impression. Maybe you’ve been in business for some time, and you’re worried your branding and materials have become inconsistent… or maybe your business and brand has evolved, and you need advice on how to uplift your brand designs and artwork to bring them in line. 

My Brand Review sessions for small businesses in the UK, offer you a professional but friendly outsider’s perspective. Inspiring you to show your audience more of what makes you and your business magic, and shining a light on any disconnect or inconsistencies that need some thoughtful attention.

Brand Review session (up to 1 hour): £90

Follow-up Brand Review session (up to 1 hour): £30

If you’re excited to check-in with your brand and make sure everything aligns, I’d love to hear from you. Feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all? Don’t worry, my Brand Discovery service below might help. 

Brand guide consultant, Kerri Awosile at her desk writing, with peach and pink flowers in foreground

“She truly listens to your vision for your brand and gives clear guidance… She is a fountain of knowledge and ideas and does not hold back in sharing… I couldn’t believe how many areas we explored in our initial session. 

It was a wonderful investment and I now feel empowered to begin my re-brand and launch a consistent brand that truly represents me and my values…. I would highly recommend Kerri for creative guidance and a brand review.”

Laura – Laura Douglas Photography

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Brand Discovery

Whether you’re at the very start of your business journey or you’re looking to rebrand after years’ of experience, if you’re feeling somewhat lost when it comes to your brand personality, you may need the more thorough insight of my Brand Discovery sessions. 

Before every Brand Review session or Branding project, I send clients my in-depth brand questionnaire. It covers a lot. However, there are times when we need to explore even further. When there are anomalies in your answers we need to carefully think about; or so many amazing qualities to your brand, we need to focus in and find what really matters. 

This is when my Brand Discovery sessions come in. 

My Brand Discovery sessions for small businesses in the UK, offer you the friendly but professional guidance you need when you don’t have all the answers yet or really need to find clarity. As someone outside of your business (and therefore not as close to it all), I’ll help you discover the right strategic answers for you and your brand. 

Brand Discover session/s (up to 4 hours): £180

Ready to discover the real magic of your brand? Let’s chat.

“After answering Kerri’s comprehensive brand questionnaire, we then had a great discussion about my brand and business… it really helped to clarify my thoughts on my branding… 

I highly recommend Kerri’s brand review service for anyone who is feeling a little lost with their business branding right now and needs some clarity”

Andri – Always Andri

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