Want to get in touch?

If you’ve got a creative project in mind for your small business, I’d love to hear from you.

You can email me: hello@kerriawosilestudio.co.uk , or send me a Direct Message via Facebook or Instagram and I’ll try to get back to you within two days (Monday-Friday).

Just FYI – if you’re waiting for a reply via email, please check your junk/spam folder – as some email services are a bit overprotective and send messages there by mistake. 

*When you contact me, I only use your data for customer service reasons or for reasons you have instructed me to use it, not for marketing purposes. See the Privacy Notice for more information. 

Branding and graphic designer and artist, Kerri Awosile at her desk painting with lamp, pencils, and palette by side

frequently asked questions

  • “How can we work together?”

    Take a look at my Services and if you have any further questions, just get in touch.

  • “Do you work with businesses outside of the UK? “

    There are so many wonderful and inspiring small businesses right here in the UK so, for now at least, no. I don’t work with businesses outside of the UK.

  • “Can you create a design or artwork in a different style?” 

    Take a look at my Portfolio for examples of what I create. My style is clean and creative with a thoughtful and classic touch. I specialise in line-art and watercolour, and have a few carefully considered techniques I love to use.

    There might be times when I’m able to broaden what I offer, for the right project, but in general I like to stay true to what I know and love best. That way I can put joy into your project, and you can trust I will create something that will feel good for you and your brand.

  • “How do I know if you’re the right designer/artist for my brand? “

    In three ways…

    One: do you love what you see? Does my Portfolio make you feel good? Do you feel inspired by what I can offer?

    Two: does what I say resonate with you? Have you had any ‘ah-ha’ or ‘me too’ moments, reading through my website or Blog?

    Three: have you got in touch? I only work with a limited number of clients each year, and I want to help those I do work with the best I can, so I only work with clients and brands I feel are a good fit. If I’m not the right designer or artists for your project or brand, I will let you know and (wherever possible) point you in the direction of someone else who could help.

  • “I’m on a tight budget, can you still help?” 

    I hope so. Take a look at my Blog where you can find all kinds of insight and inspiration for free. It’s really important to me that creating a brand that looks good AND feels good is attainable for everyone.

    If you’re looking to work with me on a project but can’t invest right now, please don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself. I put a lot of consideration into the pricing of my services to make sure the investments reflect the value I can offer, and I know you appreciate their worth, so get in touch when things align better and you’re ready to work together.

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