Beautiful, clean, and on-brand PDF design

beautiful on-brand pdf design for Kate Avery Flowers by Kerri Awosile

Behind the Scenes of Kate Avery Flowers’ “Hug In A Jar” Tutorial Project

Kate Spicer, the creative and lovely woman behind Kate Avery Flowers, is a floral stylist with well over ten years of experience in the industry. It’s this experience, and knowledge, as well as her generous and kind-hearted personality, that has led Kate to not only creating gorgeous (and I do mean GORGEOUS!) floral arrangements herself, but also to teaching other florists the art of stunning floral design. A few months ago, in the midst of full lockdown [2020], Kate approached me to create a beautiful, clean, and on-brand pdf design to go alongside a video for her “Hug In A Jar” tutorial. It is one of my favourite projects to date, so I thought I would give you a little insight into the process…

The Brief

Whenever I work with a client, I always try to do some research to get a better feel for their brand personality and style. Kate Avery Flowers is currently [2020] undergoing a rebrand along with a new website build, which meant I couldn’t take any clues from the website. Thankfully, Kate and I have known each other a little while now and she has a wonderful presence on Instagram, so I turned to social media to start sparking my inspiration.

The first thing you notice on Kate’s Instagram account is the absolutely stunning photos of her floral arrangements. The colours are a wonderful mix of feel-good vibrancy and soft romance (she combines the two effortlessly). The second thing you notice is her calm, friendly, and encouraging tone of voice.

Kate and I arranged a video call to discuss design ideas, and I was very pleased to find we were on the same page. Along with what I already knew about Kate from before she approached me to create her PDF, the call confirmed in my mind that the design needed to be beautiful and clean, but still approachable, and with lots of bright imagery.

pages of Kate Avery Flower's PDF design by Kerri Awosile

The Beautiful And Clean PDF Design

Initially Kate suggested the PDF only needed to be a couple of pages. However, I knew from experience that spreading her content across multiple pages would have a better impact and create a beautiful and clean PDF design. Just two pages would not have done her content justice. Including the front and back page, we ended up with 9 pages in total. Which just goes to show how far content can go when you give it enough room to breathe (a little trick for bringing a ‘quality’ feel to your designs).

When Kate sent through her new logo, colour palette, and the photos for the project, I was so excited. To say it was all gorgeous doesn’t really cut it.

For some reason, and I’m not entirely sure why (but when you get these kinds of ideas you just have to roll with them), I immediately pictured a single line going down each page. Paired with a coloured background from Kate’s new branding palette, and her brand fonts, the simple line was just enough to bring a sense of style and elegance to the main body of her PDF.

Alternative cover design for Kate Avery Flower's PDF

The Cover

I initially sent Kate two cover design proofs to see. One played more towards her brand’s romantic, considered, and gentle side, whilst the other brought the PDF to life with colour, passion, and a friendly feel.

It didn’t really surprise me which option Kate went for… the second one, of course! Though I’m still glad I gave her the alternative to see as in the past some clients have surprised me with their choices. It’s quite common (and I’ve done this myself) to think you want a certain style or message to come across in a design, only to then see it and realise you actually want to bring out more of the other side of your brand personality.

As we were using a lot of colour and photographs, I also created a print-friendly version of the entire PDF. This meant Kate could give her clients options, and they could easily print out the information if they wanted – without using too much ink.

The Verdict

It was wonderful to see the positive feedback Kate received on social media when she shared images of her “Hug In A Jar” PDF design. Ultimately, a design is only as good as someone perceives it to be. So, for Kate’s audience to love the design… well, that’s the best you can ever hope for!

Kate also sent me a lovely testimonial: “Kerri was an absolute dream to work with. From the off she totally understood exactly what I was after and designed the most beautiful pdf for my online flower tutorial. I couldn’t recommend her enough and will definitely be using her again in the future.”

If you’re looking to create some clean and creative brand materials within your business, but need help making them gorgeous, I would love to hear from you. Get in touch.

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For those who don’t know me…

Hi, I’m Kerri Awosile (pronounced Ah-woh-she-lay) and I’m a brand designer and artist with a love of helping others do what brings them joy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Take a look at my About page to get to know me better, or why not get in touch if you’d like to chat about this post.

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